Creating Lightbox with Yahoo! User Interface Library

Demo Updated (8/29/2007): In addition to the image lightbox demos, I added four more types: text content, web page, web page with video, and embedded video. Check it out.

Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) provides a very handy class for creating modal dialog box with background masking, which can be used to create lightbox. If you have no idea what a lightbox is, you can run this online demo to get a taste of what it looks like.

Lightbox Demo

There are several advantages to use YUI to create lightbox. The most important one is you get cross-browser compatibility support out-of-box. The above demo has been tested in IE 6, Firefox, Netscape 8.1, Mazilla 1.7 and Opera 9.21, which was created without any hacking. Another hot feature is that one can easily create a drag & drop lightbox without any extra effort.
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Firefox Download Window Bug

If you are experiencing Firefox download problem, in which case the Download window no longer shows up when performing download and "Save Page As" is no longer saving any web pages, your Firefox configuration file might have been corrupted.

I had this problem for almost three months now. I have tried almost anything that I can think of: clean install, messing around settings in Options, removing themes and extensions. None of which have worked. Problem persists until recently I ran into a site which is trying to solve exactly the same problem. It turns out my Firefox download configuration file, downloads.rdf, is corrupted.
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