Firefox Download Window Bug

If you are experiencing Firefox download problem, in which case the Download window no longer shows up when performing download and "Save Page As" is no longer saving any web pages, your Firefox configuration file might have been corrupted.

I had this problem for almost three months now. I have tried almost anything that I can think of: clean install, messing around settings in Options, removing themes and extensions. None of which have worked. Problem persists until recently I ran into a site which is trying to solve exactly the same problem. It turns out my Firefox download configuration file, downloads.rdf, is corrupted.

The Solution

The solution is really easy:
Just delete the file downloads.rdf and restart Firefox. A new downloads.rdf will be generated.
The location to donwload.rdf is:


  • xxxxxx is the folder that holds your Firefox personal files. There might be more than one, you have to find yours.
  • The Documents and Settings folder might locate at a different hard drive other than C:.
  • If you can't find Application Data folder, you might need to enable "Show hidden files and folders" for your explorer.


I have been searching the solution for this problem for the past three months, on and off, mindlessly. Thought the solution is remarkable simple, finding it is what killing me. I want to help to increase the exposure of this solution. For this reason, voilà, I wrote this post.


The Firefox Download Window Has Disappeared!
Unable to save or download files

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  3. HitMe WithIt

    OK. I had the same problem too. I clicked a link in firefox 3 and it should have brought up the downloading window but nothing at all happened. I tried right clicking and 'Save As' but nothing happened again.
    I went into the config by typing
    into the addressbar and then I typed the word
    to look at all the options set for downloading.
    I noticed one entry in there: and it was set to a directory location that I no longer have on my PC so I changed it to c:/downloads.
    Seems to have done the trick so thought I would add this as it may help others.

  4. Juani

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This problem was driving me crazy! I deleted the download.sqlite instead and it worked!
    (Firefox 3.5 OSX 10.5.7)

  5. Paul Schoe

    Time saver, Really helpfull. I got so tired of having to launch Microsoft Internet explorer every time when I needed to download a file (even attachements to my email).

    However, just like a previous poster I had to do 2 things:

    a) delete the 'downloads.sqlite' file

    b) change the destination of the download folder in:
    'tools' 'options' 'save files to' to another folder.

    After I had downloaded one file, I could change the download folder back to its original setting.

    Once again thanks for taking the effort of posting this solution.

  6. street

    Same as above, no .rdl file. turns out had to check "save download history " in tool options and now all is fine:)

  7. Tankueray

    I also just ran into this. I had been working around it by using DownTehmAll instead. It was getting tedious. Turns out I didn't need to change any config entries or delete any profile files. I recently moved all my drives around and the default download location was now a DVD drive. Just changed it back to a folder on the desktop and I'm good.

    FF 3.5.3 and XP SP3

  8. Obvious Solution

    Why not JUST USE IE? To me that sounds like the most obvious solution. WHY use FF anyway???

    To me thats like listening to a boom box in your car when you have a factory BOSE system!!!

    Just my two cents.
    Obvious Solution

  9. Anon

    Stop trolling, Obvious Solution.

    On OSX Leopard and has this problem. Deleted downloads.sqlite, ran Firefox, and then changed the download folder then download something. That fixed it for me. Just change the download folder back to what it was before after the download.

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