Apache Performance Problem on Vista

Just switch my operating system to Vista, and my biggest complaint about it is that it breaks my Apache HTTP server. The server still runs, but very slowly. The symptom is as follow: every time I reload a web page from the browser, there usually is a 2-3 seconds delay before the loading sequence starts. This shouldn't be happening because I serve all my files locally, so I expect no delay at all. Also, this behavior does not occur in XP.

After some excessive searches, I found a forum post (forgot the URL, will update this when I hit the site again) that suggests uninstalling Zone Alarm will resolve the problem. I gave it a try since I was in nowhere in solving the problem. Surprisingly the uninstallation did cure the delay issue of Apache. Beware that you HAVE TO restart Vista after uninstallation, otherwise you will not see the changes.

That's right, I uninstalled my firewall. So replacement? I like Zone Alarm and enjoy using it, but it doesn't seem to be very stable on Vista. However, I've found another great firewall product, Comodo Firewall Pro, which is a commercial grade firewall free of charge.

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  1. subske

    Great thanks for bringing to my attention that there is an alternative free firewall product that compares to "Zone Alarm". I am a "Zone Alarm" user and love the product, however it might be time to give this other product a try as I am having the same problem when running my Apache web server locally.. Are you still using "Comodo Firewall Pro"? How are you finding the product compared to "Zone Alarm"? Would be interested to know if you have time to post a response as im wondering if I should make the move.

  2. Cuong

    Yes I am still using Comodo Pro. After using it for almost half a year now, it has become my favorite Firewall software among others. The firewall itself is very mature and stable under Vista. It can do what Zone Alarm does and more. For example Defense+, which allows you to precisely control permission of executable files. The product is very worth to try it out.

  3. david

    I'm looking to install Apache with MySQL and PHP.
    Found your article regarding Firewall product very interesting.

    What versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP are you using?

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