A Useful JavaScript Image Loader

I released a YUI implementation of image gallery script a month ago. While it was quite an enjoyable experience to explore the potential of YUI and JavaScript, I found I have created many userful code snips (for instance this Loading Panel) along the way.

Today I am going to show you another useful JavaScript code snip: Image Loader. What! You might ask. I admit that name is too generic, but it does what it does - it helps you to load images using JavaScript. Just give it an image URL, it will return a DOM image object that can be used for dynamic loading of images. This script provides a loading completion event, which is very useful for displaying preloader or extra information when the image is being loaded.

The original image loader I created relies on YUI, but I want to make it as portable as possible, so I created a standalone version.

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How to Create a WordPress Theme Viewer

For WordPress veteran this might not be new, which is, let visitor preview multiple themes in one WordPress installation. It puzzled me quite a while before I figured out how to do it. The very reason for the need of this feature is that I want to allow regular users to view different themes on a WordPress powered website. I wasn't able to until I ran into this page. Yea right! A theme switcher. I installed this plugin and tested. It provides the exact function that I need. Fantastic.

Now here comes the interesting stuff. The official documentation documented the plugin is as follow, which outputs a list of links that can switch to a specific theme:

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