Ajax Response Helper for PHP

In Ajax programming development, passing data back and forth between client and server is a common task. There are two major data formats that one can use for this purpose, namely XML and JSON. My personal preference is JSON because I find it's less verbose and easier to parse.

Although latest PHP provides a very handy function (json_encode) for outputting data in JSON format, for almost every Ajax request I handle on the server side, I have to routinely format the data in a certain way so I can use it conveniently on the client side. For example, to indicate whether it is a valid Ajax request, I embed an field called has_error in every response. I find it's getting annoying after a while, so I wrote a class to automate things a bit.



The Code

To use this class, just include the class file in your source code:

Adding data to the response:

Indicating there's an error in the request and adding error(s). Notice that by adding error messages, the class will automatically change has_error filed in the response to true:

If you happened to use jQuery, this is how you can process this response:

Pretty neat hut? Here's something more fun. When making server response, you can combine all the steps above into one:

You can assign a key to the error message while adding error message by calling addErrorAssoc method. You can even combine associate and non-associative ones:

For PHP 4 or PHP 5 < 5.2.0

AjaxResult employs native PHP function json_encode. However json_encode hasn't been added until 5.20. So if you are using a PHP which version is lower than that, you need to create this function manually. I included a quick fix for this issue. To emulate this function, include JSONFix.inc.php (provided in the zip file) to your source code.



As always, bug fix, comment, suggestion are welcome.

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