Fix Ubuntu (or Linux) Suspend/Hibernate Not Working Bug

I own an Asus N73JQ laptop, the spec is top notch. Since Windows has been long gone from my candidate OS, I installed Ubuntu 10.10 right away. So far the result is quite amazing. Smooth, reliable, and it feels just right. Although the OS itself is very impressive, I have 2 major issues with the hardware: (1) Function key that switches to external monitor does not work; (an update on the external monitor issue can be found here) (2) Suspend/Hibernate does not work. I have not found a solution for (1), which remains unsolved. I have, however, found a solution for (2). I am going to share this share this solution with those who having the same problem.

By googling around, I found this post. It seems that it will also work for other laptops that have similiar problem in Ubuntu 10.10. The credit belongs to the original poster and all others who contributed to that solution. Though I have thoroughly tested the script and it works for me, I do not guarantee it will work for you. So use it at your risk.

Step 1

Create a script under /etc/pm/sleep.d/. It can be any name, but to ensure the load order, use the prefix 20_.

Follow either Step 2 or Step 2 Old, but not both. The script in Step 2 appears to be more stable than the one in Step 2 Old.

Step 2

Note that if you use the code from "Step 2 Old" below, please skip this step. This script is contributed by commenter Danne.

Insert the following code into the file you have just created:

Step 2 Old

Note that if you use the code from "Step 2" above, please skip this step.

Insert the following code into the file you have just created:

Step 3

Add executable permission:


Your suspend/hibernate should be now working as expected. Suggestions on improving this script are welcome.

Other Thoughts

If this script has worked for you, please post the make/model, Ubuntu distribution, related hardware information of your laptop below.

Updated 2012/03/02

Making sure you have enough space for your swap partition, otherwise hibernate will not work. I have recently upgraded my RAM. In my case, I have 12GB of RAM, but only 6GB of swap space. After the upgrade, hibernation stop working. However, after following this guide (see "Making the swap partition work for hibernate" section), hibernation becomes functional again.

I create a 30GB swap partition, and instruct Ubuntu to use this partition. Hibernation works like a charm again. To verify your system is using the swap, do


Update 2011/11/10

If this has been working for you, but stop working after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10, you may try this method:

Other Tips:
This might give you some clues on the suspend/hibernate issue:

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713 Comments Fix Ubuntu (or Linux) Suspend/Hibernate Not Working Bug

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  2. buko

    Good job!

    Script is grate for Fedora 19 ×86_64.
    Now suspend to RAM is working fine.
    Lenovo Ideapad Y550 (with nvidia drivers)

  3. zebulon

    I'm on Debian 8 (Linux debian 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt2-1 (2014-12-08) x86_64 GNU/Linux).

    This script cannot solve this suspend/hibernate problem (on my Debian 8, neither suspend nor hibernate awake corectly) because I have not the driver paths given in your script(s) :

    $ ls /sys/bus/pci/drivers

    So, how to adapt the script(s) for a Debian 8 ?

    Best regards.

  4. zebulon

    I think I should added these :

    [Desktop-PC / Debian 8 "Jessie"]

    Motherboard : ASRock P55-Pro
    CPU : I5-750
    RAM : 4 GB
    Vidéo : NVIDIA GTS-250 (1 GB Video RAM)

    + a few hard disks (PATA & SATA)

  5. Matthew

    Thanks for the script - got my Linux Mint 17.1 hibernation working again after a package update broke it. Thanks!

  6. Alejandro

    It works like a charm on a fresh install, Ubuntu 14.04. My macine is a Dell Inspiron 5737.

    Thanks a lot!

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  8. JLoButADude

    Thanks for this script! I put this in Linux Mint 17.2 on a Lenovo IdeaPad S12. I had drivers named 'ehci-pci' and 'ohci-pci' rather than 'ehci_hcd' and 'xhci_hcd'. I had to make the following changes:

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  16. r

    worked on lenovo x230 after replacing the driver line with:

    DRIVERS="ehci-pci xhci_hcd ohci-pci" # ehci_hcd, xhci_hcd

  17. r

    worked on lenovo a x230 after replacing the driver line with:

    DRIVERS="ehci-pci xhci_hcd ohci-pci" # ehci_hcd, xhci_hcd


  18. Johnny Lee

    Thanks a lot! It worked on a sony Vaio SVE11125CLB with Xubuntu 14.04 ×86_64, kernel 3.13.0-46-generic; but when resumed, a usb 3.0 port stop working with the wireless mouse it had connected. Still figuring out what happens.

  19. Nathan

    This didn't work on my MacBook Intel Core2Duo running Lubuntu 15.10. I tried the new and old Step 2, and I confirmed that I have swap space and followed the steps indicated to configure it for hibernation. Has anyone had luck fixing this problem for

  20. Hassan

    Worked for me

    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64-bit)
    Intel® Core™ i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz
    Intel® Ivybridge Mobile
    Nvidia GForce 610M

  21. Glassmenagerie

    I have a Sony Vaio E series (VPCEB11FM) running a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 install which wouldn't suspend. I followed the directions above which didn't result in a 'fix'. Then I found this link:

    The OP is using a Sony Vaio, not the exact same model as mine, but an E series. He used the same script as above but made a change the line 4, the DRIVERS line. And an addition to the /etc/default/grub file, line 7. This resulted in my suspend working as it should. Thanks ! to all.


  22. Dave

    Hey Thanks! I've been beating my head against this for days!
    I had Linux Mint 17.2 installed and all fine. After some update or install I did, suddenly the display will not wake up after Shutdown->Suspend and wake up with mouse click or keyboard.

    After investigating this with no luck, I upgraded to 17.3. Upgrade went fine and for a few days, this problem was gone. Suddenly it's back. PC seems to wake up, but monitors indicator lights show orange standby mode. Normal mode is blue when they have a display signal.

    Installed your script and my system resumed from suspend this morning perfectly.


  23. Gautham

    I just installed Ubuntu 15.10 with the Lenovo Ideapad y700. My suspend/hibernate option wasn't working. Your solution works like a charm. Thanks!

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  25. kashu

    I think this worked for my Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 64-bit.

    I have already been issued the following commands before add the script at the Step 2. (they are same)

    for device in XHC EHC1 EHC2;do grep $device /proc/acpi/wakeup|grep -sq enabled && echo $device|sudo tee /proc/acpi/wakeup;done

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