Connect to Amazon EC2 Instance from Nautilus without Using Password File

Lately, I have been working frequently with a couple EC2 instances. Remote editing on these instances has become a day-to-day task for me. These instances are based on Amazon Linux. I am so used to the "Ubuntu" way of remote editing, which I have described here. With EC2 instances, however, this method seems to be impossible -- as I need to supply the key file when mounting the remote location via SSH.

For example, if I want to SSH to an EC2 instance, I would do

Now I want to connect to the EC2 instance from Nautilus. It will be standard procedure: "File -> Connect to Server -> Type: SSH". But where can I supply the key file information? Once again, after some Googling, I found the solution.

After running above command, I am able to mount EC2 instance on my local machine using Nautilus. This time no password is needed. In fact, after this step, I am able SSH to EC2 instance without providing a key file. Hope this will help someone. Enjoy!


Above solution is not permanent. To make the change permanent, create a config under your .ssh directory, and add your key files there. For example,


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  1. vga extenders

    Public key authentication is the way that you should authenticate to your system. It is extremely unlikely that any brute force attack will succeed and is far more secure than simple passwords.

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