ctNotify – A Flexible Multi-Instance jQuery Notification Script

I am pleased to announce the release version of my jQuery notification script. I have made this long time ago, but finally I have polished it enough to be made available to the public. This is a queued notification script, meaning that you can push the notification without worry about overwriting the previous one. Best yet, you can create multiple instances of the script for different purposes. Item rending callback allows flexible customization on the look and feel.

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ctRotator – A Flexible Item/Image Rotator Script for jQuery

I was taking part in developing an interesting web application - the Thank You Project. During which I made an item rotator script that swaps a list of messages in and out from the message board. I find the rotator script is very useful, so I decide to share it. To get an overview of what the script can do, you can check the demonstration page first.

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Ajax Response Helper for PHP

In Ajax programming development, passing data back and forth between client and server is a common task. There are two major data formats that one can use for this purpose, namely XML and JSON. My personal preference is JSON because I find it's less verbose and easier to parse.

Although latest PHP provides a very handy function (json_encode) for outputting data in JSON format, for almost every Ajax request I handle on the server side, I have to routinely format the data in a certain way so I can use it conveniently on the client side. For example, to indicate whether it is a valid Ajax request, I embed an field called has_error in every response. I find it's getting annoying after a while, so I wrote a class to automate things a bit.

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