The Five Most Precious Firefox Extensions for Web Developer

I develop web applications and test them in Firefox, for Firefox provides many extensions that are not only useful, but sometimes vital to the completion of my projects. Over a period of time, I have been continuously evaluating different Firefox extensions in attempting to sort out the valuable ones (for web development). At last, I come up with these five.

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Protecting Your Site From Spam Bot with CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA provides a simple yet effective way to tell humans and computers apart. The need of CAPTCAH arises because web pages which accept user input such as posting comment are vulnerable to automated spam. It is not a difficult task to write a script that could generate large amount of repetitive information and post them to a targeted page in short period of time. Unless the page is protected, it will soon polluted by those spam.

For instance, the site you are visiting, Code Central, receives over 10 junk comments everyday. Fortunately, WordPress uses an algorithm that can filter out most of these junk comments and flags them for review. The unfortunate part is that administrating them is laborious and frustrating - I don't want to delete them in a batch because I don't want to accidentally delete a comment that is submitted by a real user. So I decided to install a CAPTCHA to see if that is going to help.

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