ctRotator – A Flexible Item/Image Rotator Script for jQuery

I was taking part in developing an interesting web application - the Thank You Project. During which I made an item rotator script that swaps a list of messages in and out from the message board. I find the rotator script is very useful, so I decide to share it. To get an overview of what the script can do, you can check the demonstration page first.

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Creating a Digg This Button for Your WordPress Blog

Creating a Digg This button is very easy. Here's a non-plugin approach:

Copy and paste above script to anywhere between your WordPress' theloop:

Instead post specific Digg button, you can create a site wide button as well:

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How to Create a WordPress Theme Viewer

For WordPress veteran this might not be new, which is, let visitor preview multiple themes in one WordPress installation. It puzzled me quite a while before I figured out how to do it. The very reason for the need of this feature is that I want to allow regular users to view different themes on a WordPress powered website. I wasn't able to until I ran into this page. Yea right! A theme switcher. I installed this plugin and tested. It provides the exact function that I need. Fantastic.

Now here comes the interesting stuff. The official documentation documented the plugin is as follow, which outputs a list of links that can switch to a specific theme:

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