Flashlight-extra for Maemo (Nokia N900)


Enable extra-dev on your N900.
Please READ this page first before doing so.

First method: From Application Manager:
Search flashlight-extra package and install it.


Second method: From Terminal:


1) After existing from the daemon, it can be started by

2) If you decide to remove this application for any reason, and the camera application has stopped working, try to run the following command from the terminal:

3) If you encounter other problems with this application, a reboot usually will help.

11 Comments Flashlight-extra for Maemo (Nokia N900)

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  4. Birdflew

    Great program, works exactly as advertised.

    Any chance for a launch Fcam option? Or a third button to launch a custom app?

  5. Marcus

    This program drains my battery

    This was difficult to trace.

    Apparently the /etc/event.d/flashlight-extra script is started every 2 seconds.

    Could there possibly be some wrong registration?

    Btw: Deinstalling solved the thing

  6. Mike

    I don't know about pr1.2, but this does not play nice with pr1.3, including with Titan's power kernel.

    Upon installation, it worked but I noticed everything became real laggy. CPU util went way up. On de-installation the system was somewhat more responsive but CPU is still high: it has apparently done something to make ohmd eat cycles which persists between reboots.

    I'm trying to fix this and there are seversl TMO threads on the subject. This is a nice app, but you guys really need to fix this major bug!

  7. Minhaz

    great app! using it for months! only if i would want something more in this app then it would be to optimize for faster startup...currently it takes lots of time to startup..anyways thanks for your effort

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