symfonie – A Media Player for Maemo (Nokia N900)

Welcome to symfonie's official launch page. You can also check out the old forum page here.

What's New?

Latest version is v.0.2.5
- Control playback speed
- Option to control if the player should play continuously within the same folder
- 8-band equalizer has become 10-band
- Added option to change font size of the play list window


You may download symfonie for Maemo from Maemo's download page.


symfonie is a music player for Maemo 5. As time of writing, only Nokia's N900 runs it.

Here's list of features symfonie supports:

  • Browse audio files using directory structure (any folders as long as you have access to it).
  • 8-band audio equalizer.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Speed control for audio player, just for fun.
  • Resuming the playback from last played state.
  • Landscape/Portrait/Auto mode (In auto mode, system will automatically switch between landscape and portrait).
  • Full screen mode.


Please note that the equalizer utilize a lot processor power. If you need performance, you can disable the equalizer, which is disabled by default.

Screen Shots

80 Comments symfonie – A Media Player for Maemo (Nokia N900)

  1. Remco Stoutjesdijk

    Cuong: I had the same with my usb port. Fixed it - I would happily fix yours as well :)

  2. Cuong

    Cuong: I had the same with my usb port. Fixed it - I would happily fix yours as well :)

    Mind to tell where did you send to fix it?

  3. Angel

    Muchísimas gracias, thank you very much, I love your app. its the best for maemo!thank you so much.

  4. Daniel

    Great application!!!
    I'm gonna donate!! (how do i do that?)

    Improvement ideas:
    - ability to scroble songs played to
    - able to work with N900 media player during playback so other widgets and add-ons will by default work too (eg. qtlockscreen, play in silent mode, etc)

  5. ilmanowar

    Probably the best maemo player!
    I propose to complete it with: a search song typing a part of the name, a option to pause the player when headphones are unplugged.
    Thank you!

  6. Silviu Marin-Caea

    This is the only player I found on N900 that allows me to delete files! Time to delete all the rest. :-) I have made a donation.

    I have two suggestions for the [Delete] function:

    1. this is a bug: if the mode is Portrait, the Delete confirmation dialog forces the screen to Landscape. Playing stutters when changing screen orientation.

    2. improvement: if I delete the song that's currently playing, don't stop playing, advance to the next song.

  7. Silviu Marin-Caea

    It seems there's one more bug related to file deletion, the file list in the application gets out of sync with the actual files. Selecting one song plays another one.

  8. Silviu Marin-Caea

    Because of the bug about the application list getting out of sync with the actual files on storage, very annoying problems occur after deleting a file.
    - errors: media not found
    - playing one song over and over again
    - playing a different song (next in list) than the one being selected

  9. Silviu Marin-Caea

    Ah, I didn't mention: if you delete two files, the second time another file will be deleted instead of the selected one.

    The only solution I found is to restart the app after each deletion.

    Can you please fix this? It's quite bad.

  10. Silviu Marin-Caea

    Cuong, I know that you don't have an N900 anymore, so it's not something you care so much about now :-)

    I think I have found the bug, in file mainwindow.cpp, function MainWindow::deleteFileSlot in the source file:

    I believe the line number 386: this->forceUpdatePlayList = true;
    should be moved out of the "if" and after line 400: this->getPlayer()->scanDir(this->getCurrentDiretory());

    What do you think? Can you please update just this little thing?

  11. Silviu Marin-Caea

    The reason is that even the deleted file is not currently playing, the playlist still has to be refreshed, else it gets out of sync with the actual folder contents.

  12. Max

    Hi! Great player!
    I propose a little mod: files ".ACC" are presented sometimes with one of this other two equivalents extensions:
    This last is the most common (also N900 use this).
    At the moment the player doesn't recognize these others.

  13. Lari

    I like Symfonie a lot, however there are some issues that are somewhat annoying. Rebooting the device, or application, has done nothing to fix the problems. I couldn't see any version information in the about-section of the application. You might want to add that in there.

    Sometimes after changing song manually, it stays stuck playing one song over and over again despite the option for it being off. Changing song after the problem appears repeats the new song. It seems toggling the one-song repeat on and off again fixes the problem.

    Quite often, after changing directory where you're playing songs in, the application stops after the current song. It seems that toggling continuous folder play and one-song repeat back and forth fixes the problem.

    None of my .ogg files play, I get a: "Fatal Error - Could not open media source" [Done].

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